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Investment and Trust Services for You and Your Family 2024


A single, compact and comprehensive overview of your investment and trust services


Presented in a clear and friendly style, includes:


• thumbnail reviews of each of your investment and trust services;

• a table of trust services and their purposes;

• a chart comparing the benefits of your investment management account with those

of a living trust; and

• a table of benefits gained with a trust-based estate plan.


Usages include:

• as a “leave-behind” following a one-on-one sales contact.

• in-bank rack distribution for developing leads;

• as a response device in connection with a direct mail program;

• as a handout at seminars led by trust personnel; and


Purchase option: Print in both syndicated and customs designs and digitally for posting and distribution electronically.

Trust Overview Booklet 2024 sample.

21 Ways to Spot Trust & Investment Management Prospects


A cost-effective training tool to boost qualified leads for new business from

Non-trust bankers.


Your non-trust bankers speak to trust and investment prospects for your services every day. But how many of them can identify who will benefit from your services?


When you don’t have the time to do the training yourself, all you need to do is provide copies of 21 Ways to branch managers, loan

officers, customer service representatives— everyone who is likely to be in contact

with likely prospects for your services.


Click on the image to see if 21 Ways can help you increase the flow and quality of referrals that you receive.

Purchase option: Print in both syndicated and customs designs and digitally for posting and distribution electronically.


If you have any questions comments or would like pricing information contact Sirvydas Vebra by e-mail at or by phone at 203-377-4996, ext. 103.

21 Ways booklet sample. A 2024 proof will be provided prior to printing if you order.

New unbranded and batched pricing for branded orders. We can also quote and produce your branded order immediately for an additional fee, or let you know when the next batch print is if you contact us.

Click for pricing.

Not seeing what you were hoping for?

These are examples of recently updated content, but we also have content such as sell sheets and materials for specific trust products, full campaigns with reoccurring content to engage both professionals and those with no industry knowledge, and various other strategies. There is no cost or obligation for speaking with us to find out what's been working for trust departments and companies across the country.

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