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Client successes

Articulating the
Unique Selling Proposition

Community Trust, Lexington, KY

Often, when we get really good at what we do we find ourselves entangled in the industry jargon that comes along with that success.

First Community Bank found themselves in that position, with strong growth, client longevity and satisfaction, and a trust team with a great value proposition and industry understanding. What they still needed was a way to tell the world about it, in a way that fit their brand architecture.

Click here to learn about how Merrill Anderson helped create marketing collaterals that explained exactly what set them apart from other trust and wealth management teams. 

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Announce Yourself!

Farmers and Merchants Trust, Long Beach, CA

The bank has so many points of service, yet the trust department only exists where the trust department exists.

Farmers and Merchants Trust has found that if they make every branch a place where it's appropriate to make an inquiry about trust services, they get many more inquiries and this is a large contributor to their growth. 

Click here to learn about how Merrill Anderson helped create marketing collaterals that made it so inquiries would happen in non-trust locations.

Business Team

Controlling Inventory Risk

Regions Bank, Birmingham, AL

When you have hundreds of Advisors that you need to support, it's not plausible to know how much sales collateral they would want, need, or use. It is plausible to mitigate the possible inventory risk and create a print-on-demand system so they could get exactly how much collateral they need, want, and will use.

Click here to learn about how Merrill Anderson integrated with Regions Compliance, Legal, and Marketing team to create automated website storefront that provides personalized collaterals on-demand for their advisors

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High-Quality Touch Points

Mercantile Bank, Springfield IL

A turn-key marketing team that you don't need to worry about getting your message out to everyone you think needs to hear it. The whole team costing less that a single full-time employee. Yes. It is possible.

Click here to find out how Mercantile Bank and Merrill Anderson have worked together to provide consistent continual communications to the clients. prospects, bank personnel, and other centers of influence.


Digital Exposure

Garden State Trust Company, Toms River, NJ

Just because you don't have a large physical footprint or hundreds of employees, doesn't mean that you can't get noticed. Providing a reason for people to visit you digitally is all about engaging people with information they would search for.

Click here to find out how Merrill Anderson has worked with Garden State Trust Company to provide engaging content, first in the form of digital newsletters and articles, and then in terms of weekly social media communications that have helped them grow their following.

The Wall of Ideas

Expand Your Reach

BankFinancial, Burr Ridge, IL

You've leveraged your bank branches, and even your bank personnel. You've got a stellar business development team, and yet the in-bound inquiries just don't seem to show up.

Click here to find out how Merrill Anderson has worked with BankFinancial to provide cost-effective campaign tools that turn cold calls into warm leads and give them a friendly way to engage non-bank clients. 

Analyzing the data

Trust Seminars

Citizens Bank, Lakeland FL

You've got a venue, an audience, and even know what you want to talk about, trust services. The goal is simple, make it so that everyone at your seminar understands the basic value of a living trust. Don't have the time to put the presentation together?

Click here to learn how Merrill Anderson took care of 80% of the prep work so that the employee training seminar done on trust services at Citizens Bank would be successful without any of the guesswork.

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