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"The content and the appearance was very good... ...Thus, I could adapt the presentation to my time schedule.  A very good job.  Thanks!

William G. Middleton, CFA - First Vice President

Portfolio Manager & Trust Officer

Citizens Bank, Lakeland, FL

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The inside story behind the success.

Create brand ambassadors by training bank employees

Trust Seminars

What should the venue be? How will I get people there? When will I be able to show people what I do?

The most effective marketing tool has always been and still is a human being.

Even in a technology efficiency focused world, the human connections we make guide our decisions more than anything else because of the empathic nature of human beings. That's why it's very important to make sure that every person that can represent you does, and does in an accurate and positive way.​

Enter: Citizen's Bank

Citizen's Bank & Trust has an large employee training event each year that includes select customer-facing employees that get together and learn from department leaders how the bank serves their customers.

Bill Middleton has been leading the seminar for the trust department each year.  However, it can be hard to find new ways to say the same things and, as a department head, needs to focus on many other matters as well.

Enter: Merrill Anderson

Bill was already familiar with using Merrill Anderson collaterals as handout materials during these training events.

During an Automate and Audit phase, we learned about this employee event, and considered how we could create more content for bank to utilize during seminars.  We asked Bill about the event itself and suggested ways we might be helpful beyond the handout collaterals.

In order to save Bill time, but also provide a solution that was tailored to him. We created a PowerPoint presentation called Why We Refer to coincide with our 21 Ways to Spot Trust & Investment Services Prospects booklets. Bill filled out a survey to let us know his priorities regarding time, product focus, and additional incentive programs to incorporate into the PowerPoint.

The PowerPoint also included speech notes that he could personalize, so that it would only need minor tweaking by him after receiving it.

When we checked with Bill after the seminar to find out how the PowerPoint had worked out for him, he had this to say:

The content and the appearance was very good.  I placed a few PowerPoint slides on the front end to explain what to expect from my one-hour presentation.  This included, “what a trust is and does” and a little bit about what we actually do.  With these additional slides, I found the presentation to be a little long; that is, I did not get through all of the profiles on your presentation.  Also, after a number of them, I thought that I may be getting a little redundant.  Fortunately, your presentation has the flexibility of using all of them or a selected number.  Thus, I could adapt the presentation to my time schedule.  A very good job.  Thanks!

William G. Middleton, CFA

First Vice President | Portfolio Manager & Trust Officer

Citizens Bank & Trust

We're glad to overcome time-constraints and barriers for our clients like Citizen's Bank & Trust to make it easier for them to make the most our content library, and grow their businesses.

Citizens Bank

Lakeland, FL

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