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Wealth Management Articles Library


Now it’s more important then ever to be communicating regularly with clients and sharing information on your website and through blog posts. But creating interesting, insightful, and useful content requires a lot of time and energy.


Merrill Anderson can provide that content for you.

The COVID-19 pandemic is having a tremendous impact on everyone, causing great concern about ones’ physical well-being and worry about what the future will be like. Your trust and investment management clients are looking to you for information to give them comfort and confidence about their financial futures.


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Managing Your Assets in Turbulent Times


Give comfort to customers by putting the current market turbulence intolong-term context of market recoveries and performance. Sections include Highlights of the New CARES Act, How a Balance of Stocks and Bonds Reduces Risk, and Time for an Estate Planning Checkup.

The New Paradigm for Retirement Savings


A comprehensive explanation of how The CARES Act and The SECURE Act impacts retirement savings. Perfect to engage with estate planning attorney, CPAs, and others with an estate planning industry focus

ŸDetailed information on the new regulations for 2020 RMDs,

ŸNew rules for inherited IRAs

ŸUsing a trust to minimize taxes

ŸSpecial benefits for people directly impacted by COVID-19

ŸPost-SECURE Act estate planning opportunities.


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