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Trust and Investment Services
Marketing Brochures

Trust and Investment Services
for You and Your Family

Trust and Investment Services for You and Your Family 2017 is a single, compact and comprehensive overview brochure presenting your investment and trust services to your prospects.
Written in a clear and friendly style, the brochure provides:

  • thumbnail reviews of each of your investment and trust services;
  • a table of trust services and their purposes;
  • a chart comparing the benefits of your investment management account with those of a living trust; and
  • a table of tax savings to be gained with a trust-based estate plan.

Updated annually to reflect changing tax laws and the current economic and investment climate.

Key sales development usages include:

  • in-bank rack distribution for developing leads;
  • as a response device in connection with a direct mail program;
  • as a handout at seminars led by trust personnel; and
  • as a “leave-behind” following a one-on-one sales contact.

Custom formats
The Trust and Investment Services booklet is also available for printing in custom formats (special colors, custom cover, etc.) to your specifications.

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