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Watch Your Wallet!
Senior Awareness

Keeping Our Seniors Safe

Products designed specifically to assist banks to build awareness of financial exploitation of seniors and help their older customers avoid becoming victims.

Full-color brochures that highlight the growing problem of financial exploitation of seniors, show the important role that the bank plays in addressing the problem, and give tips on how to avoid becoming a victim.

  • Counter-top display

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    Features: Custom-printed insert and pocket for distributing brochures.

  • Web site version Build awareness online by posting a special Web version of either brochure on your Web site.

  • Tent card with tips on how to avoid becoming a victim. Ideal for use at teller stations, customer service desks and check counters.

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    5" x7½", printed on both sides, full-color.
    Features: Personalized, custom colors
    and designs.

  • Posters and coordinated newspaper ads Awareness-building Posters for use in bank branches, senior centers and any place where seniors gather.

    Specifications: 12" x 18", full-color.
    Features: Personalized with your colors
    and logo.

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Make educating the public on the growing problem of financial exploitation of seniors part of your community outreach program with these ready-to-publish ads. The ads are based on the Posters, to create synergy between your internal and external awareness-building efforts. Features: Personalized with your logo.

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