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Facts You Need to Know About Taxes
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Facts You Need to Know About Taxes 2017

A year-round, handy reference guide providing readers with a quick, easy way to obtain information about taxes.

Taxes play a key role in investment and other financial planning decisions. Facts provides your clients and prospects with easy access to information that they will be looking for all year. When they keep Facts nearby, your name, picture and contact information stay right at hand as well.

Facts can be used in a wide variety of applications. For example, you can use Facts:

  • As leave behinds in appointments or part of a presentation package.
  • As a rack brochure in key areas of your office or lobby
  • To accompany written communications to clients or prospects, as a “with our compliments” and encouraging the appropriate sales message.
  • As Web site or e-mail content.
  • At conferences, seminars or other group meetings with clients and prospects.
  • For distribution to referral sources (CPAs, lawyers, etc.) to supply to their clients in order to stimulate referrals.

Custom formats
Facts You Need to Know About Taxes is also available for printing in custom formats (special colors, custom cover, etc.) to your specifications.

For more information about Facts You Need to Know About Taxes, please contact us.


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