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Asset Management Guides
Marketing Brochures

Asset Management Guides
Booklets and Presentation Sheets

The Asset Management Guides series explores complex financial subjects in a friendly, yet authoritative, voice. They are designed to educate affluent clients and prospects and encourage them to take advantage of the full complement of services that you offer. The Guides have been created by marketing professionals with years of experience in knowing the key motivators that will turn your prospects into clients.

Titles available:
• Ten Most-Asked Questions About Trusts
• Guide to Trust Services
• Preparing for Retirement
• Seven Advantages of Living Trusts
• Special Handling for Your Investments
• Rolling Over Your Retirement Money

Custom colors and designs
The Asset Management Guides are available for printing in custom formats (special colors, custom cover, etc.) to your specifications. Or you can purchase rights to the copy and have your brochures printed locally.

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Ideal for: rack distribution, handouts at seminars, targeted mailings.
Perfect for sales presentations.