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21 Ways
Promote Internal Referals

21 Ways to Spot Trust & Investment Management Prospects

An indispensable and cost-effective training tool to boost qualified leads for new business from nontrust bankers.

Nontrust bankers speak to trust and investment prospects every day. How many of them can identify who will benefit from your services? Do they feel confident enough to make the referral to you?

Nontrust bankers don’t need to be experts in the complexities of investing, trusts and estates, or tax laws. They simply need to know the clues that will help them recognize qualified trust prospects and feel secure enough to set the stage for a meeting with you.

And that’s what 21 Ways does. Simply. Compellingly. Quickly. Each easy-to-understand vignette in 21 Ways includes one or more clues that help pinpoint key characteristics of qualified prospects for your services.

When you don’t have the time to do the training yourself, all you need to do is provide copies of 21 Ways to branch managers, loan officers, customer service representatives—everyone, in fact, who is likely to be in contact with the people to whom you wish to speak.

Custom formats

The 21 Ways booklet is available for printing in custom formats (special colors, custom cover, etc.) to your specifications.

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